Q1. What is AIMS GMSP?

The AIMS Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) is a nine-month program created for bright, curious and creative female high school students to unlock their potential in the mathematical sciences.

Q2. What is the objective of the AIMS GMSP?

The aim is to acquire knowledge in current research areas and practical skills to solve the challenges we face in Ghana. The overall goal is to see participants pursuing mathematical science programs at the highest level in research, training and industry. The program is also designed to create a special class of students who will lead cutting edge research and innovation in the next few years. An expected outcome of participants is for them to become international award medalists in their chosen field of research in 10-15 years time.

Q3. What are the dates for the AIMS GMSP 2020?

The AIMS GMSP will be held monthly starting November 2020. The residential components will take place during the Easter and August breaks from school.

Q4. What is the Mode of delivery of the AIMS GMSP?

There will be two modes of delivery:

-Offsite monthly meetings (mini-courses, mentoring)

-Onsite (residential during school breaks in April and August)

Q5. What is the component of the monthly meetings?

The AIMS GMSP monthly meetings will train students on how to identify specific problems, probe the problem and how to find meaningful ways of solving problems. The training will be done in collaboration with leading international scientists and female mentors who will inspire the young girls and show them how they are using mathematics and technology to address current unsolved scientific problems as well as daily problems we face in the world.

Q6. How will the monthly meetings be organized?

Monthly classes will be organized by each theme lead. Each class includes the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. These monthly weekend meetings will be hosted in clusters based on the number of participants from each region. On such weekends, students will converge at these clusters where video conferencing facilities and tutors will be available to support the lesson for the month. The facilitator for the month will teach two sessions of two hours each. Lessons will be in the form of a masterclass on the theme for the month.

Q7. What is the module of the Residential Program?

The residential components, which will take place during the Easter and August breaks from school, will bring together students to AIMS campus to work on specific research projects of their interest. Students will have personal encounters with the leading scientists they have been interacting with remotely and get the chance to work on projects in teams.

Q8. How will students be supported during the Course?

Leading science experts will supervise students’ projects which will focus on solving problems under the themes. Tutors will support students with tutorials on how to use software programs and other questions they have from the lessons in class.

Q9. How will my participation be since there will be various themes?

Each participant will join one theme based on the field they are passionate about with the leaders of these teams being international and local experts in the respective fields. The theme leaders will take their groups through mini-courses in open problems in the field, development of hands on tools and mini projects to enable participants apply skills developed during classes. The themes include Theoretical Physics, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Data Science, Climate Science, Bio Mathematics and Epidemiology and Science Communication.

Q10.What other skills training are available during the AIMS GMSP?

Yes! There will be training in programming, science communication, mentoring, etc.

Q11.What programming skills will participants benefit from?

There will be training in programming such as Python and R-studio. Each participant will be provided with a laptop which has all the necessary software installed. Lab sessions will be organized each day during the onsite residential session to equip students with the needed programming skills.

Q12. How will Science communication training be delivered?

During the AIMS GMSP residential camp, participants will go through training on how to explain basic concepts in STEM using relatable ideas that a lay person on follow. At the end of the camp, there will be a competition where students will practice their science communication skills to explain the new concepts they studied at the camp.

Q13. What form will mentoring take during the AIMS GMSP?

Mentors will be assigned to each student based on their future career prospects. These mentors will be females preferably Ghanaians in different STEM fields who are leading experts in their respective fields. They will guide participants on their career choices and expose them to opportunities available to support them to achieve their dreams.

Q14. How will tutorials be organized?

Tutorial sessions will be organized by tutors to support participants in their projects and lab assignments. Each group will be assigned a tutor who has specialized knowledge in the theme for the group. Tutors will meet students after lessons to explain concepts they could not grasp in class.

Q15. What is unique about the AIMS environment?

Participants of AIMS GMSP will experience the unique 24/7 learning environment AIMS offers together with good access to internet and computer lab facilities. Access to these and catered residential facilities will enable students focus primarily on the program.

Q16. How will lessons be delivered?

Lessons will be taught in fun and engaging ways which encourage students to learn through play. Their confidence will improve due to the collaborative learning environment, support from instructors, tutors and mentors. They will learn about cutting edge research and be inspired by the scientists who will mentor them to pursue careers in STEM.

Q17. What extracurricular activities will be included in the program?

There will be industry visits, recreational activities as well as outreach to communities.

Q18. What will I achieve at the end of the program?
  • Upon completion of the program, participants will: be awarded Certificate of Participation?

  • At the end of each program, participants will become aware of the opportunities available at top universities in Ghana and abroad and be inspired to apply them with the support of their mentors.

  • They will be confident to choose to study subjects in the Mathematical Sciences with a dream of solving the unsolved problems in these areas. The skills acquired at the camp will equip them to explore ingenious solutions to challenges in everyday life.

Q19. What costs are associated with attending the AIMS GMSP?

The AIMS GMSP is a fully-funded program by AIMS and its partners. Funding covers program, travel costs and study materials. However, students may wish to bring money for additional snacks and souvenirs during tours.

Q20. How many students are accepted each year?

The program accepts 40 students each year from all regions in Ghana.

Q21. Does it make sense to re-apply?

Yes! Students who are not accepted are encouraged to apply again the following year if they are still eligible. 

Q22. Where will students stay during the onsite AIMS GMSP?

Students will stay in the residential facility at the AIMS Ghana campus located at East Legon Hills.

Q23. I have just completed SHS/SHTS a month ago, awaiting results. Can I apply?

No, only students who are still in school (Senior High School or Senior Technical School) are eligible to apply.

Q25. What is AIMS GMSP looking for in applicants?
  • Must have a passion for and strong ability in Mathematics as reflected in junior high school course grades and extracurricular activities;

  • Must be enrolled in a second cycle school (Senior High School/ Senior Technical School));

  • Should have a plan to pursue studies in mathematical sciences at the university level in the future;

  • Must be fluent at speaking, reading and writing in English.

Q26. How do I apply?

Application will open in … October 2020 You must complete the application and ensure every required document is provided by … October 2020.

Q27. What is the Application fee?

There is no application fee.

Q28. What is required for the application?

Applicants must complete and submit all the following during the application.

  • Personal information form

  • Nomination form endorsed by Head of Mathematics Department or Headmistress

  • Reference letter from Physics or Mathematics teacher (confidential)

  • Upload of last two terms report cards

Q29. What is a nomination form?

A nomination form is a letter written by the nominating teacher, signed and stamped by the Head of the Mathematics Department or the Headmistress of the School.

Q30. What is a reference letter?

The Reference Letter is to be provided by the Physics of Mathematics teacher of the student stating the strenghts of the student and why she should be admitted into the AIMS GMSP.