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Crownie Ocha Eme

AIMS Ghana (Ghanaian)

MPhil Student

Her keenness for the Mathematical Sciences and fascination with computers influenced her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Ghana. There she was exposed to a broad range of courses in the discipline. Crownie proceeded to obtain a master’s in Mathematical Sciences at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Ghana – class of 2020. After realising her abilities paired suitably in Quantum Computing she focused her master’s research on the development of quantum algorithms, in relation to augmenting the computational power of computers.

Prior to AIMS, she worked as a junior software developer at TinyDAVID Ltd in 2017. There, she designed and implemented algorithms for web and mobile software applications. In 2019, Crownie also worked at Clearspace Research Labs where she assisted in developing a web application that controls “Internet of Things” devices.

              She is currently an affiliate of the AIMS Ghana Research Centre, pursuing an MPhil degree in quantum computing at Quantum Leap Africa/ AIMS-Ghana, in partnership with QuSoft/ Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam. Crownie is under the supervision of Dr. Jop Briët and Dr. P.K. Osei and hopes to pursue a PhD in quantum computing, with sights on working with Google or IBM.

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