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Angela Nyabor


Data and Investment Analyst – Pensions Alliance Trust Limited

Angela Mary Eli Nyabor is a Data and Investment Analyst at Pensions Alliance Trust (PAT) Ltd. In her current role, she helps refine data for better analysis to ensure good data governance at all levels of the organisation. As a corporate Trustee, PAT manages the funds of individuals toward retirement. Her role is to ensure that the data being generated gives enough information to give people the opportunity to achieve financial security upon retirement, providing one can maintain their normal lifestyle even after they retire.

She leverages her numerical analysis studies, specifically, optimal control theory, by optimising processes to reduce risks and operational inefficiencies to ensure better data-driven decisions. As a data analyst, she utilises her analytical and programming skills acquired from both AIMS and the ESMT Industry Immersion program to identify and assess patterns and behaviours regarding customer contributions and benefit payments and to understand the factors driving these behaviours to make recommendations to stakeholders.

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