January 30, 2024

World Economic Forum (WEF) – Quantum Economy Blueprint – Insight Report, January 2024

Amidst the quantum revolution, Africa stands on the cusp of transformative innovation and boundless opportunity. With burgeoning interest and investments in quantum technologies across the continent, Africa is poised to harness the power of quantum computing, sensing, and communication to address pressing challenges and drive socioeconomic development. From quantum-enabled healthcare solutions to quantum-enhanced agricultural practices, African researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are exploring the vast potential of quantum technologies to revolutionize industries, foster scientific discovery, and propel Africa onto the global stage of technological leadership.

AIMS Ghana Centre President, Dr. Prince Koree Osei was featured in the Quantum Economy Blueprint – Insight Report for January 2024, addressing the progress of countries like Rwanda & Ghana, stating ways to innovatively use quantum sensors.

As Africa embraces the quantum frontier, collaboration, education, and investment will be key in unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking revolution, ensuring that Africa emerges as a leading player in shaping the future of quantum technologies for the benefit of all.

About the WEF Quantum Economy Blueprint – Insight Report for January 2024

This blueprint provides a framework for value-led, democratic access to quantum resources, extending the Quantum Computing Governance Principles into practice for regional or national strategies. The blueprint serves as a guide for policy-makers, industry and academia to build a quantum ecosystem, focusing on economic growth, job creation and responsible development.

The global quantum effort leading to research and innovation in quantum science and technology is continually rising, with current worldwide public sector investments exceeding $39 billion. While a global ecosystem effort is needed to successfully develop and deploy quantum technologies, the current state of quantum efforts is concentrated in certain countries. Quantum technologies promise transformative impacts across industries, necessitating an equitable global distribution to avoid a quantum divide.

The growing global quantum divide between countries with established quantum technology programmes and those without will lead to significant imbalances in core areas such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and more.

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Source: World Economic Forum – WEF

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