Meet the Tutors

Meet the Tutors

Tutoring at AIMS centres is a wonderful opportunity to meet and work closely with highly-respected scientists from around the world, as well as brilliant and highly motivated students from across Africa. Students coming to AIMS have strong backgrounds in the mathematical sciences (including pure and applied mathematics, computer science, mathematical biology and other fields).

While outstanding visiting lecturers are recruited from all over the world to teach and prepare students for advanced postgraduate research, the courses are unusually broad in scope and employ the latest pedagogical methods in order to stimulate critical and creative thinking.

To facilitate student participation and follow-up, each Centre offers a Tutoring Fellowship which permits post-doc and doctorate researchers to work as dedicated teaching assistants, with the responsibility of providing capacity building for the students 24/7. The unique residential character of the institute allows for optimum interaction between students and tutors.

Meet our Tutors for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Dr. Kenneth Dadedzi

Spectral Graph Theory

Mafoya Landry Dassoundo

Algebra and Lie Theory

Tony Tona Landu

Machine Learning

Badradeen Abaker Abdalrahman Adam 

Applied Mathematics

Edward Korveh

Applied Mathematics

Felix Ofori

Mathematical Analysis/ Mathematical Modelling

Ephraim Nii Amon Poncho-Kotey

Algebraic Geometry/ Number Theory

Dr. Latévi M. Lawson

Quantum Physics, Quantum probability, Noncommutative geometry, Representation theory of differential operators and cohomology of Hopf algebra