March 1, 2024

Delegation from the University of Freiburg – Germany, Visits AIMS Ghana

AIMS Ghana recently had the pleasure of hosting a distinguished delegation from the University of Freiburg, marking a significant moment of collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two institutions. The delegation, led by the Rector, Professor Kerstin Krieglstein, engaged in an insightful meeting focused on fostering future partnerships and exploring new opportunities for academic and research collaboration. The session was characterized by productive discussions aimed at strengthening ties between the institutions.

The University of Freiburg delegation comprised prominent figures from various academic and administrative sectors. Among them were Professor Daniela Kleinschmit, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Sustainability, and Professor Melanie Arndt, the Vice President for Internationalisation and Sustainability elect. Their insights on sustainable practices and international collaboration strategies highlighted potential benefits for both AIMS Ghana and the University of Freiburg.

Professor Michael Schwarze, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, also attended the meeting, emphasizing the importance of academic excellence and innovation. The discussions delved into enhancing curriculum development and expanding student exchange programs, which are crucial for fostering a solid educational environment.

Additionally, the visit included Professor Andreas Mehler from the Department of Political Sciences and Director of the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute for Comparative Area Studies and Transregional Studies. Professor Mehler’s expertise provided a rich perspective on comparative area studies and opened avenues for collaborative research projects. Professor Johanna Pink and Katharina Aly, the Director of the International Office, both raised issues on administrative frameworks that support international partnerships, student mobility, and cultural exchange. Her contributions underscored the significance of robust administrative support in sustaining and enhancing international collaborations.

Dr. Osei, Centre President for AIMS Ghana, highlighted the mutual anticipation shared by both institutions in moving forward. He stated that AIMS was eager to capitalize on the ideas and connections forged during this meeting, with the aim of enriching educational programs and advancing our research initiatives of the Centre. He emphasized that the visit had laid a foundation for future partnerships parking enthusiasm about the potential advancements and innovations.

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