The Centre is requesting proposals from office relocating and moving companies to provide office relocation project management and moving services related to the relocation of AIMS Ghana’s office and campus. This relocation is expected to take place from 21st August 2023 to 15th September 2023. The goal is to minimize downtime for a seamless relocation.
The Centre is currently located at Summerhill Estates, East Legon Hills Santeo, Greater Accra. The Centre’s new office and campus are located at 2 Shoppers Street, Okpoi Gorno, Spintex Road, and 432 Spintex Highway, Accra, Ghana.

Moving services needed include, but are not limited to:
Relocation consultation
Relocation management and scheduling
Packing, protection, and moving of various furniture (cabinets, student-beds, tables, and chairs), books, files and documents.
Protected transport of IT equipment (including photocopiers, and a server)
Disconnection and transportation of Air Conditioners
Disconnection and transportation of Polytanks and Generator
Removal and disposal of remaining furniture and waste
Post-relocation support

Asset list would be provided upon request

Download PDF for more information.

Download PDF