Request for Proposal – Travel Agency Services

AIMS Ghana would like to request your Best and Final Offer (BAFO) in GHANA CEDIS (GHS) for the services of a travel agency that will offer the best conditions to all our travellers affiliated with the Centre:

A. Type:
We are looking for a company, hereinafter referred to as Travel Agent willing to provide the following types of services:
• Plane tickets reservations and purchasing

General Requirements:

  1. The Travel Agent should be certified by the International Air Association Network (IATA), should have minimum 3 years of experience in the market as IATA member, should hold a valid Tour operator license issued by the Ghanaian officials and shall provide corporate travel services for international and domestic travel of staff members of AIMS Ghana and other travellers, affiliated with the AIMS-NEI.
  2. The Travel Agent should provide in a timely manner upon requests from AIMS Ghana individual and group air tickets with the most direct route and/or most convenient departure and arrival schedule to any destination all over the world. The Travel Agent shall offer to the AIMS Ghana minimum 3 options for air travel with different airlines and reply to the request within 4 working hours for bookings. The Travel Agent should be able to perform tasks without error within the fixed deadline.
  3. The Travel Agent should provide the best price for all services and should quote competitive fares and guarantee that the quotation is the lowest obtainable fare.
  4. The Travel Agent should establish a reasonable period of time between booking and issuing of air tickets.
  5. The Travel Agent should be able to provide services during emergencies or contingencies. The Travel Agent should be able to expand the existing services as required.
  6. The Travel Agent should notify travellers of airport closings, cancelled or delayed flights, trains or voyages and offer solutions/alternatives. The Travel Agent should be able to process and obtain ticket refunds on a timely basis within no more than one month period from the date of cancellation. The Travel Agent should resolve complaints (rescheduling, lost baggage) within a reasonable time.
  7. The Travel Agent shall provide the travellers with major Airline’s frequent traveller program information and registration forms.
    • See PDF for more.
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