Scientific Communications and Alumni Relations Coordinator

Based at the AIMS Ghana Centre, the Scientific Communications Specialist and Alumni Relations Coordinator will play a crucial role in enhancing the visibility and reputation of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Network. In this position, you will combine expertise in scientific writing with the responsibilities of building and maintaining strong relationships with alumni. You will also be responsible for developing and executing comprehensive communication strategies to showcase AIMS Network research, activities, and impact while actively managing marketing and communications efforts and programming related to alumni relations identifying, recruiting, and managing alumni volunteers to serve on Committees.

As the ideal candidate, you will develop and implement a strategic communication plan to effectively communicate AIMS scientific achievements and research activities; you will manage scientific communications and messages through different communication channels and modalities; collaborate with researchers and faculty to translate complex scientific concepts into accessible and engaging content for diverse audiences and monitor media coverage, track key performance indicators, and prepare regular reports on the impact of communication efforts.

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