August 12, 2023

11th Graduation – Celebrating Excellence at AIMS Ghana

AIMS Ghana is excited to host the 11th graduation ceremony on the 12th of August 2023 on its vibrant campus.

Over the past decade, AIMS Ghana has diligently pursued a strategic mission to nurture the next generation of innovators in the realm of mathematical sciences. With unwavering dedication, the Centre has successfully trained 500 students hailing from 27 diverse African countries. A remarkable achievement, 33% of our graduates are trailblazing females, underscoring our commitment to fostering gender inclusivity in the field. A pivotal testament to our impact, a substantial 70% of AIMS alumni continue to serve Africa, catalyzing scientific advancements across various spheres, including academia and industry.

The upcoming ceremony will commemorate the accomplishments of exceptional graduates from 15 African countries, all of whom have earned their MSc in Mathematical Sciences.

Click here for Graduation Brochure: