July 19, 2021

AIMS Ghana Leavers Week Hackathon

As part of the activities for the graduation week celebration, AIMS Ghana brings to students, an exciting learning episode through brainstorming and design thinking. This event will be one that will encourage teamwork among current students and alumni toward the development of ideas to solve real-life problems. It is also an opportunity to prepare you for the job market and life after AIMS. The Leavers Week program is being organized to equip students with vital entrepreneurship skills and personal development skills they will need in the job market as well as in academia as they leave AIMS. In collaboration with Design Thinking Hub Ghana, this 2- Day event includes a hackathon which will be a training session with a mini-contest, generate product/service ideas using programming language tools.

Day 2 includes a pitching session where judges select a winning team based on projects developed under selected SDG’s:

Quality Education (SDG 4)

Climate Action (SDG 13)

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9)

The result will be to contribute to solving basic developmental problems with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals. It will also include Tech Talks from experts in the field as well as a moment to coach the students on personal branding. Another major component event will also give students the opportunity to present their research work in plain language, an activity which is the “Science Slam” after which there will be awards.