November 9, 2023

Research Seminar – Educating with Responsible AI

Speaker: Dr Lily Clements from IDEMS International

Title: Educating with Responsible AI

Abstract: There is currently immense interest and awareness in the ethics of AI. In 2022, we were tasked with developing a Responsible AI course for the Turing Institute titled ‘How Data Lies’. In August 2023, we were tasked to give a double course in Burkina Faso that aimed to train postgraduate students in research methods for agroecology and supported lecturers to be able to pick up and teach the materials. So lecturers were offered a course on ‘Research Methods, Data Science and Responsible AI’ alongside the post-graduate course in research methods for agroecology.

The issues of AI in education were clearly at the forefront of lecturers’ minds and through the course a viewpoint was represented which encouraged lecturers to embrace AI tools in their teaching to encourage deeper student learning. This approach was appreciated to the extent that an eLearning course was requested so that their colleagues could be exposed to these viewpoints. This talk describes how and why we should encourage AI in education, using it to transform student learning.