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Dr. Sofiat Olasebikan


Lecturer in Algorithms and Complexity – University of Glasgow, Scotland

Dr Sofiat Olaosebikan is a Lecturer in Algorithms and Complexity at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Her role involves teaching, supervision, outreach, and research. Her research interest spans algorithms design, graph theory, computational complexity, and optimisation. Currently, she is working with researchers in the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow on the design of efficient algorithms for future wireless communications. This collaboration explores resource allocation problems in cell-free massive MIMO (the enabling technology for 6G).

Dr Sofiat has a background in Mathematics, however, it was not until she started her MSc at AIMS-Ghana that she was exposed to Python programming, Graph Theory, and other subjects. This exposure served as a launch pad for her and paved the way for her career in Computing Science. Inspired by her fascinating journey into CS, she founded Computer Science Academy Africa (CSA Africa) as a way of giving back. The aim of CSA Africa is to empower young Africans in STEM with computing skills. Since 2018, she and her team have raised over £100,000 in funding, which has enabled them to train over 500 beneficiaries in Africa on the fundamentals of Python programming.

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