Teach at AIMS

Teach at AIMS

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) centres are unique postgraduate educational centres recruiting students from the whole of Africa and prepar- ing them for careers in the quantitative sciences. The current network has centres in South Africa (since 2003), Sénégal (since 2011), Ghana (since 2012) Cameroon (October 2013) and Tanzania (2014).

Each centre needs a dedicated group of advanced students and academics as tutors for its postgraduate programme, to assist in its exciting teaching programme. Students coming to AIMS have strong backgrounds in the mathematical sciences (including pure and applied mathematics, physics, computer science, mathematical biology and other fields). Outstanding lecturers are recruited from all over the world to teach a 1 year MAster’s degree in mathematical sciences preparing students for advanced postgraduate research. The course is unusually broad in scope and employs the latest pedagogical method in order to stimulate critical and creative thinking.

Student participation in class and independent work are strongly encouraged. The unique residential character of AIMS facilities allows for optimum interaction between students and lecturers in a congenial environment at all hours. AIMS facilities include an excellent library and a state of the art computer laboratory.

Tutoring at an AIMS centre is a great opportunity to meet and work closely with prestigious scientists from around the world.


Providing general assistance to the director and the lecturers with the academic programme, for example in assisting with problem-solving classes and computer labs, in providing group and personal tutoring where needed, in assessing student’s performance on a continuous basis, in preparing additional materials and examples as needed.


At least a Master’s in one of the mathematical sciences, superior teaching ability/skills; excellent interpersonal skill; innovative flair; excellent command of English sand/or French; ability to work as a dedicated member of a team where responsibility is shared.

Computer skills: Linux, SAGE or SciPy.
Knowledge of an additional language, in particular Arabic, would be an advantage.


Applications close when all positions are filled. Applications are to be forwarded by email to tutoring@nexteinstein.org. Applicants should include a motivation letter (indicating which centre(s) they prefer), a CV and a list of two contactable references.

Enquiries can be forwarded to tutoring@nexteinstein.org