September 23, 2021

AIMS Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program – Applications

What is the AIMS Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program?

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences – Ghana, Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) is a fully-funded, exciting and challenging 9-month program, created for bright, curious and creative female Senior High School students to unlock their potential in the Mathematical Sciences. It has been carefully structured to prevent interference in mainstream academics. The program operates on a hybrid model with an online and onsite session. The goal is to mentor participants to pursue STEM careers at the highest level in research, training and industry. The training is also designed to create a special class of students who will lead cutting edge research and innovation in the next few years. It is currently being implemented with support from the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education under the UNESCO Category II arrangement.

What happens within the 9 months period of the program?

• Monthly online meetings to train students on how to identify specific problems, probe into issues and find meaningful ways of solving these problems.

• Insightful virtual sessions (Masterclasses) with leading international scientists who will discuss their work and current open problems in their fields of research.

• Career mentoring programs where researchers and AIMS alumni will enlighten participants on diverse career options available after pursuing studies in the mathematical sciences.

• Science communication training which will enhance the ability of participants to translate technical knowledge into practical terms that the public can engage with.

• Residential sessions at the AIMS Ghana campus where students take mini-courses in selected areas with a sound conceptual introduction to the profound and revolutionary ideas at the foundations of modern mathematical sciences.

• Extracurricular activities including industry visits, hands-on interactions, meeting prominent figures and fun games.

Do I need to pay any fees or other financial obligations?

Selected participants of the program will not pay any fees. They will however receive the following during the nine-month period:

• Books, laptops and data for internet access.

• Free accommodation and meals at AIMS Ghana during the residential session.

Applications are ongoing. Visit the AIMS GMSP page for more information on the application process and eligibility.

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