October 12, 2021

What to Expect: E-Week 2021


Since its inception, nine cohorts of AIMS Ghana have moved on to different spaces, post their training at the Centre. Most of these students take further studies in high-rank universities graduating with PhD’s, making academic and research impact both inside and outside the continent. Notwithstanding, some of them also find themselves in several industrial, governmental and non-governmental organizations that require the services of uniquely skilled graduates to fill specific positions. Under this premise, the exceptional Employability and Entrepreneurship Week (E-Week) is embedded into the AIMS Ghana curriculum.  

As a highly technical and mathematical Institution, AIMS Ghana believes that the only way to ensure that graduates are flexible and fit for top-tier institutions is to inculcate some soft, social and leadership skills that employers would need in their organizations. The E-week serving as a break from long weeks of hardcore Mathematics, focuses on training in communication, creativity, conflict resolution, assertiveness, adaptability, good CV writing and design thinking techniques.  

The purpose of this training is to expose students to challenges they are likely to encounter in the corporate world, empowering them to be more conscious and empathetic problem solvers. This will set them up to be positive changemakers, whether as business leaders or employees. The design thinking techniques that students are exposed to, boost critical thinking enabling them to explore their environment and identify problems that need immediate attention. These identified problems are eventually tackled by the students, as business ventures or community projects. 

This year, the E-Week takes place from Monday, 11th to Friday, 15th October 2021 and will involve the most significant number of students since the program started to run. All 58 selected students for this year’s Structured Masters will be participating in the weeklong event which promises to be exciting. It will be coupled with group pitches on intended projects and industrial visits to some of Ghana’s best digital and data centres. Similar to the mathematical courses taught at the Centre, the E-Week is handled by highly skilled and qualified individuals, who take time to groom the students for the intended purpose, to meet the program’s goals. 

Following the recently launched Hybrid Internship Hub program, AIMS Ghana would want to invite all of its Industrial partners and other institutions to partner with the Institute to take advantage of the week and interact with this batch of students from over 15 African countries.  

The search is on for the Next Einstein and we believe that these students would possibly be the ambassadors of change that Africa needs to meet its economic and academic prospects.   

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