October 26, 2021

AIMS Ghana Students Participate in Outreach Activities within their Vicinity

Students at AIMS are trained to cultivate the habit of giving back to society through various activities and initiatives. Having extended its hand to many communities over the years, AIMS Ghana gives priority to areas that are in closest proximity to the Centre. The Ghana campus was moved from Biriwa in the Central region of Ghana to Santoe (East Legon Hills) a suburb of Ghana’s capital – Accra, in 2019. 

Located within Santoe for the last two years AIMS Ghana deems it necessary to offer its support to residents of the community as well as use its assets to make a positive impact by highly encouraging student activities within the vicinity. Notable among them are the outreach activities of the 2020 MasterCard Foundation Scholars of AIMS Ghana who visited the Santoe Basic School when it had no permanent establishment to teach and make donations. These scholars engaged the pupils in Mathematical discussions and other fun activities. They also, once in a while invited high school students to the Centre, for Maths classes and interactions during the weekends.

Additionally, last academic year, the Class of 2021 visited the Santoe KKMA Basic School at their permanent site to engage them in Mathematics and General Science. Grouped into different classes, the AIMS pattern of imparting knowledge was introduced, with some of the AIMS Ghana students assigned as tutors to monitor the progress of the pupils, ensuring that each of them understood what was being studied. There were positive responses with smiles on the faces of the pupils showing that they were getting conversant with the lessons being taught.  

The topics discussed included; fractions, decimals, percentages, factorization, algebraic expressions, transformations, forms of energy, magnetism, and electrical circuits. Practical classes were organized with the use of science sets to explain elementary science like Energy, Magnetism, and Electrical circuit and current. This provided answers to pending questions the pupils had about topics because they were only taught the theories. Seeing is believing and what a child hears stays for a shorter period than what a child sees. The pupils were engaged to practice with science sets and were given room to ask questions. 

A meeting was also held with the female pupils, as one of the interests of AIMS is to raise women in science as researchers and innovative thinkers, who will usher in change within their countries. In a session with the girls, AIMS students aimed to reassure the younger female group that nothing should stop them from pursuing a career in the Sciences especially in Mathematics. A donation was later made consisting of exercise books and pens, science sets for general-science practicals as well as board mathematical sets to be used by the teachers for construction in Mathematics.

This academic year, as part of the Climax to the AIMS Ghana E-Week celebrations, the current students participated in a community fact-finding mission. Here, they were divided into eleven groups with different assignments. Some were made to go around the nooks and crannies of the community and interact with residents as well as familiarize themselves with them. The main aim was to gather facts, concerning the common and pressing challenges the community faces. At the same time, other groups were assigned to visit the Santoe KKMA public school, to interact with teachers and find out their needs. 

At the end of the fact-finding mission, AIMS students attested to an insightful session and have been tasked to come up with mini-project ideas to tackle some of the listed problems later in the academic year. 

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