February 1, 2024

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – Postdoctoral Fellowship in Signalling Dynamics in Cells and Tissues at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Ghana


The German Research Chair, Prof. Nick Monk at AIMS Ghana, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kevin Thurley at the Universitätsklinikum (University of Bonn, Germany), is offering postdoctoral fellowships at the AIMS Ghana Research Centre in Accra. These fellowships are made available and funded by the DAAD to promote international academic exchange as well as educational co-operation with developing countries through a variety of funding and scholarship programs.

Scientific interests
We are looking for excellent candidates with strong interest in research in Mathematical Modelling of Cell and Tissue Dynamics. The research topics will be mathematical, motivated by processes involved in the regulation of the spatiotemporal dynamics of cells and tissues, with particular emphasis on embryonic development and immunology.
Among others, we are seeking for candidates with a strong interest in one of the following areas:

  • Mathematical modelling.
  • Mathematical biology and medicine.
  • Differential Equation models and Dynamical Systems.
  • Spatial Pattern Formation.
  • Numerical Solution of Differential Equation and stochastic models

Fellowship holders
Successful fellows are expected to conduct research in the thematic areas indicated in the section “Scientific interests”. They are expected to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, and to be actively engaged in the research activities of the German Research Chair, as well as contribute to the implementation of the cooperation between the Chair and the Universitätsklinikum / University of Bonn in Germany.

Fellows are also expected to have some involvement in the AIMS Ghana academic programs. Fellows will be affiliated with AIMS Ghana, but they will be encouraged to conduct scientific visits in Germany.

Application instructions
Please send completed applications by email to nick@aims.edu.gh with subject line containing “DAAD postdoc. application”.

Applicants should submit the documents in a single PDF file. Applications not following these instructions risk rejection without reading.
Download PDF for more details:


The deadline for the applications is Friday 23 February, 2024.

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