February 12, 2024

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024: Women and Girls in Science Leadership, a New Era for Sustainability

According to UNESCO, in acknowledging the pivotal role of women and girls as catalysts for change in the realm of science, particularly in propelling progress towards SDGs 16 and 17, the 9th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly unveils its central theme: “Women and Girls in Science Leadership, a New Era for Sustainability.” Accompanied by the resonant subtheme “Think Science … Think Peace,” the assembly aims to spotlight the transformative potential inherent in fostering leadership roles for women and girls in scientific pursuits.

Addressing the formidable challenges outlined in the Agenda for Sustainable Development, ranging from advancing health outcomes to combating climate change, necessitates tapping into the full spectrum of human talent. A critical component of this endeavor involves increasing the representation of women in these fields, recognizing that diversity in research cultivates a richer pool of talented individuals, bringing forth novel perspectives, skills, and creativity.

The assembly serves as a poignant reminder that women and girls are indispensable contributors to science and technology communities, emphasizing the need to fortify and amplify their participation. Amidst the celebration, the day stands as an advocate for bolstering the involvement of women and girls in the scientific domain, underscoring their critical role in shaping the future of STEM fields.

While the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is widely recognized for its impact on national economies, achieving gender equality within these domains remains an unresolved challenge worldwide. Regardless of the developmental stage, bridging this gender gap necessitates concerted efforts and support from all relevant stakeholders. Only through collaborative initiatives can we transform aspirations into reality and usher in an era where increased female participation in STEM fields is no longer an aspiration but a tangible achievement.

AIMS Ghana enthusiastically joins in commemorating this day by embarking on a creative endeavor to showcase and honor the remarkable contributions of our female students, researchers, and staff in the field of mathematical sciences. Our approach is centered around the development of an impactful week-long social media campaign to authentically celebrate the diverse experiences, achievements, and perspectives of some women in our community.

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