E-Launch of the AIMS-UNESCO Logo

The Government of Ghana and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Ghana, signed an agreement on May 15, 2018 to restestablish the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Ghana as a UNESCO Category II Centre of Excellence. Being a world-class academic and research centre, AIMS Ghana’s focus is directed towards preparing young

AIMS partners with Google to pursue joint research interests while strengthening research collaborations in Africa

In advancing the frontiers of scientific research in areas of specialization like artificial intelligence, the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences – Ghana (AIMS Ghana) signed a Masters Sponsored Research Agreement (MSRA) with Google Research in May 2022. The agreement seeks to further strengthen the partnership between both institutions as part of efforts to enforce their

Third Edition of the Climate Science Speaker Series – Africa Science Week

The Centre organised a 3rd Edition of the Climate Science Speaker Series (CSSS) 2022 at the ISSER Conference Hall, University of Ghana, Legon on Thursday, 19th May. Significantly, this year’s CSSS was organised during the Next Einstein Forum’s (NEF) African Science Week 2022, focusing on celebrating the contribution of African researchers toward the construction of

Can Statistics and Mathematics coexist effectively?

Statistics is a field of mathematics that gives us the ability to ask interesting questions, like “How effective is this medication?” or “What will happen to these boys when they reach adolescence?” and then be able to draw conclusions with a reasonable chance of getting right answers.   Math can be used to build models showing

Call for GMSP Mentors

Are you a woman in STEM who is passionate about mathematics? Can you commit to quarterly mentoring sessions with senior high schoolers in the Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) over a nine-month period? Very often, the transition from senior high school to tertiary education is critical in defining the lifelong career journey of every

“Mathe-Marketing” – Product line Optimization through Data Analytics

Many people are constantly fixated on the abstract nature of mathematics and whether it is evidently applied to everyday life, most importantly its contributions outside academia. A very practical example of the application of mathematics to industry especially in the production of goods and services to consumers is through product line optimization based on data

Celebrating the International Day of Mathematics 2022 and Launch of AIMS Ghana’s 10th Anniversary

Leading the nation to commemorate the widely celebrated International Day of Mathematics (IDM) also known as Pi Day, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Ghana, launched its 10th anniversary celebrations on the 14th of March 2022. The Chief Operations Officer for the Centre, Ms. Adelaide Asante, welcomed all dignitaries from partner institutions, ministries & industry

Let’s talk about Breaking the Bias

This year’s observance of International Women’s Day is special as it is the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, with an aim to prove that the more unequal and underrepresented women are, the greater inequality there is in our societies. In the spirit of reaffirming commitments to gender