Controlling Crime with its Associated Cost During Festive Periods Using Mathematical Techniques

AIMS Ghana Alumnus – 2020, Edem Fiatsonu was part of a research team including Prof. Georg Bader and Nicholas Kwasi-Do O. Opoku looking into, “Controlling crime with its associated cost during festive periods using mathematical techniques” The focus was to see ways to reduce criminal activity thus boosting security during mass gatherings. This work was published by Elsevier on 17th February 2021.  Edem states, “We seek to control crime, bringing it to its minimal

The Student’s Path to a Wholistic AIMS Experience

Gaining admission to the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), means that you are on a clear path to self-development in different spheres of your life. This all-encompassing experience is the testimony of many, if not all Alumni after passing through AIMS. Though the system presents a rigorous academic structure, because of how limited the timeframe is, the whole process remains invaluable.   At AIMS our values ensure that students can

E-Week 2021

  Since its inception, nine cohorts of AIMS Ghana have moved on to different spaces, post their training at the Centre. Most of these students take further studies in high-rank universities graduating with PhD’s, making academic and research impact both inside and outside the continent. Notwithstanding, some of them also find themselves in several industrial, governmental and non-governmental organizations that require the services of uniquely skilled graduates to fill specific positions.

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

The fifth of October is a special day around the world, as it marks a period to highlight and celebrate the influence that teachers have on society. UNESCO constituted World Teachers Day in 1994 to draw attention to teachers’ contributions, achievements, concerns, and objectives within education. The 5th October date was chosen as the international day

Leaning towards a more Prosperous World through STEM

The inability to attain national peace and sustainability contributes to the collective challenge of striving to reach global prosperity. War, conflict and climate-related problems have taken a considerable toll on development across individual nations, impeding progress and setting countries back by decades. These, in turn, have caused ripple effects including hunger, poverty, loss of lives and

AIMS Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program – Applications

What is the AIMS Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program? The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences – Ghana, Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) is a fully-funded, exciting and challenging 9-month program, created for bright, curious and creative female Senior High School students to unlock their potential in the Mathematical Sciences. It has been carefully structured

A Perspective on AIMS’ Role in STEM Literacy and Advancement

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the COVID-19 situation is causing a disruption in various education systems affecting many: both young and old at an unprecedented rate. Pre-existing inequalities with regards to access to meaningful literacy learning opportunities have also drastically increased affecting about 773 million non-literate people. Due to

Getting Interactive on the AIMS Community Portal

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), being a pan-African network of Centres of Excellence, focuses on its four core values, one of which is pan-Africanism, ensuring that there is synergy across all centres to bridge inter-centre gaps. AIMS offers postgraduate training in the mathematical sciences, research, as well as promoting public engagement in Science,