10th Graduation Ceremony

This is a historic 10th graduation ceremony for AIMS Ghana! Historic not just because we are 10 years, but much more, we’re graduating 100 students with MSc in Mathematical Sciences this year. It has been an interesting decade and it is wonderful to look back on the journey so far. While there have been some

Women In STEM Dinner – WISDinner2022

AIMS Next Einstein Initiative in collaboration with AIMS Ghana, as part of Alumni engagement activities and #WomensMonth, is hosting the Women in STEM Dinner-2022. The theme for this celebration is: “Building a sustainable tomorrow; How math can unite for gender equality today”. As part of the evening’s activities, we will be premiering for the first

On the geometry of some rough Weierstrass and Takagi type curves: SBR measure and local time

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Imkeller (Institute for Mathematics, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany) Abstract: We investigate geometric properties of graphs of Weierstrass or Takagi type functions, represented by series based on smooth functions. They are Hölder continuous, and can be embedded into smooth dynamical systems, where their graphs emerge as pullback attractors. It turns out that occupation measures

Exact simulation of the first time a diffusion process overcomes a given threshold

Abstract: The aim of our study is to propose a new exact simulation method for the first passage time (FPT) of a diffusion process (X_t , t ≥ 0). We shall consider either a continuous diffusion process (in collaboration with Cristina Zucca, University of Turin) or a jump diffusion (in collaboration with Nicolas Massin, University of

Happy New Year

AIMS Ghana and the rest of the AIMS community wishes everyone a very fruitful new year! May we be more committed than ever, to working together to advance the socio-economic development of our continent.

Stability for some impulsive neutral stochastic functional integro-differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion/ Global dynamics of a spatiotemporal cellular model for the Hepatitis C virus infection with Hattaf-Yousfi functional response

Speaker 1: Dr. Louk-Man Issaka (Department of Mathematics, Universite Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis, Senegal) Title 1: Stability for some impulsive neutral stochastic functional integro-differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion Abstract 1: The aim of this talk is to present the stability for some integro-differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion with noncompact semigroup in Hilbert spaces. In this

Gender Equality and Inclusion in STEM – Climate Science Speaker Series (CSSS)

As part of its advocacy for Gender Equality and Inclusion in STEM, AIMS Ghana is organising the Climate Science Speaker Series (CSSS) to inspire members of the STEM ecosystem, especially young women, to address climate change. The CSSS is scheduled for Wednesday, 24th November 2021 at 10:00 am at the UPSA East Wing Conference Room.