The Energy decay rate of 1D and 2D Timoshenko systems: Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation / An Improved Numerical Solution of the Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) Equation

Speaker 1: Dr. Sabrine Chebbi (Department of mathematics, University of Tunis El MANAR, UTM) Title: The Energy decay rate of 1D and 2D Timoshenko systems: Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation Abstract 1: We focus on the behavior of the solutions of the Timoshenko systems in dimensions 1 and 2 using the lower bound estimates of the energy.

World Science Day for Peace & Development

Happy World Science Day for Peace & Development. Climate Change is a serious threat to the planet & in support, AIMS Research focuses on Climate Change Science as an impact area, looking into action/ ways to address some of these environmental issues. More about our research centres HERE

 Infinite regularization by noise

Abstract:  It is a classical yet surprising result that noise can have a regularizing effect on differential equations. For example, adding a Brownian motion to an ODE with a bounded and measurable vector field leads to a well-posed equation with Lipschitz continuous flow. While the equation without noise may have none or many solutions. Classical proofsare

Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program – Residential

The Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) Beneficiaries (Cohort 1) are currently at the AIMS Ghana Centre for their final residential session. The GMSP 9-month training for Senior High School girls has been running since its launch in November 2020. The participants have had various sessions both online and face-to-face for training, mentorship and exposure

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

Cooperations between the people and countries of the Global South are crucial to the socio-economic development of the whole of Africa. Now more than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic makes these cooperations more beneficial. AIMS is leveraging partnerships with Institutions from the South to prepare the brightest young Africans for the job market. Today, we celebrate


“As champions of STEM literacy, through our initiatives, we are building a sustainable pipeline of African expertise by equipping Africa’s youth from the secondary to the postgraduate level…” ~AIMS Global CEO: Ms. Lydie Hakizimana. #ILD2021

AIMS Ghana Leavers Week Hackathon

As part of the activities for the graduation week celebration, AIMS Ghana brings to students, an exciting learning episode through brainstorming and design thinking. This event will be one that will encourage teamwork among current students and alumni toward the development of ideas to solve real-life problems. It is also an opportunity to prepare you

International Day of Women and Girls in Science. (IDWGS)

Celebrating female participation in STEM related fields The IDWGS, which falls on the 11th of February each year, is a day set aside by UNESCO and UN Women in collaboration with institutions and civil society partners to promote women and girls in science.AIMS Ghana has fully championed female participation in STEM related fields. The center