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Giles Tetteh


Scientific Researcher – Technical University of Munich & Director Impact Group of Companies

Giles Tetteh had his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Economics from the University of Cape Coast. He was particularly interested in Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship, which led him to apply to the AIMS Ghana. During his time at AIMS, he co-founded Impact Global Consult Limited, an ICT and Accounting consulting firm in Ghana and later Impact Developers Limited specialising in Business Operations and Accounting Software development. He also developed interests in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning while at AIMS, investing more time in machine learning during his master thesis and being one of the first AIMS graduates in the field.

The dynamic learning environment and academic network provided by the AIMS programme prepared Giles, giving him the right tools to further research in Machine and Deep Learning in a doctoral programme in the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany. Being one of the first candidates in the Image Based Biomedical Modeling (IBBM) group with deep learning background, he started researching and applying deep learning methods to medical imaging and analysis. The challenges that arise and the possible solutions to overcome these challenges. By focusing on the study of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of brain vessels and related cardiovascular diseases, he has contributed to several publications proposing methodological changes and new ideas to overcome various challenges that arise in blood vessel network analysis. With over ten years of experience in software development, Giles, at the final stages of his doctoral programme, focuses on translational research where biomedical research findings are made readily available to medical doctors in the clinical settings through proper software development methodologies, an idea he calls “Software that saves life”.

Giles believes that software programming and ICT skills are talents that need to be nurtured at a young age like any other talent. This led him to start his annual summer school called “TechCamp” in 2018. TechCamp is a vacation camp where high school students from selected schools across Ghana come together for about three weeks and are introduced to concepts in computer science, software engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics and, most importantly, career opportunities in these fields to inculcate the desire to take up roles in these fields after they graduate from high school. By following the AIMS model, TechCamp provides students with free accommodation, food and an equipped computer lab during the period to help the students focus on learning. To most of the kids who attended the camp, TechCamp was their first introduction to software programming, and that is why they are now reading a computer science program in their undergraduate studies. Giles foresees the TechCamp programme becoming bigger and making a meaningful contribution to the Human Capital Capacity of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

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