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Ines Birimahire


Class of 2018

Ines Birimahire

Ines was a Rwandan student at the AIMS African Master’s in Machine Intelligence where she is interested in Deep Natural Language Processing speci-cally in machine translation for low-resources languages. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rwanda, then did a master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences at AIMS Ghana. During her masters she worked on “Optimal Investment and Reinsurance Strategy under Stochastic Volatility and Module Uncertainty” as a research thesis. Prior to her master’s degree, she worked with CARLCARE Ltd, Rwanda as a material supervisor for almost three years. She aspires to do a PhD in machine translation approach focusing on languages with a limited amount of parallel data and contribute to global communication as it is the essence of human interaction.

She is Bilingual (English & French), a Certified UiPath Consultant with a demonstrated work history in the IT, Automation and services industries. She is also skilled in communications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and she is currently RPA Consultant at H4H Humans4Help.

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