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Mildred Aduamoah


PhD Student – University of Edinburgh

Mildred Aduamoah is a final year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. With research in  Analysis and its Applications, she focuses on optimisation problems from industry, including robotics, beer brewery and opinion dynamics. This versatile numerical framework can be used to solve optimisation problems from biology and physics. She got admitted into her PhD program through interactions with lecturers in AIMS-Ghana, and the skills gained doing a PhD made her a desirable candidate to work in the tech industry. Outside her PhD studies, Mildred works as a software engineer in The Hut Group. As a software engineer, she develops applications that automate the onboarding of clients onto the company’s plethora of e-commerce services. E-commerce has become an alternative to physical retail and significantly made buying and selling easier during the lockdown periods of the covid 19 pandemic.

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